Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tuesday Trend Report....

Mrs Sew and Sew...

From my daily scanning of the Internet and spying all the things I want to buy I noticed a trend forming of embroidered clothing. Whether it be little touches of embroidery here or there, or a large motif embroidered all over. It makes me want to create my own embroidered touches to my clothing, making something old and boring to something more colourful and personal to me.

1. Nishe Heart Embroidered Sweetheart Tea Dress - £45 - Asos
2. ASOS Embroidered Lips Jumper - £32 - Asos
3. Black Flower Embroidered Locket Necklace - £10 - River Island
4. Petite Embroidered Hot Pants (also available in regular size) - £35 - Topshop
5. ASOS Shirt With Embroidered Necklace - £40 - Asos
6. Cat Shoes - Embroidered Kitty Flats Mary Janes - £16.29 - Etsy
7. MOTO Embroidered Denim Shirt - £35 - Topshop

My favourite out of all these images are the cat shoes, all you need is some plain flats and just embroider some cat faces on and stitch some triangles for ears, simple! Plus they look really cute too! I also like the embroidered denim shirt on the collar, something I am thinking of doing on one of my old boring plain denim shirts I have. You can do embroidery on just about anything although if you are like me, you will probably need a lot of patience (especially if I was to do something like those shorts!)

Happy embroidering!

(pictures referenced underneath)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tuesday Trend Report...

Animal Instinct


1. Burberry Prorsum Sweater, £795 2. Dolce & Gabbana bag, £475
3. Tibi Dress, £245, 4. Mary Katrantzou t-shirt, £255 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt, £152.61

The trend at the moment is animal prints, (not animal skin prints although there are those as well) cute animals such as owls, horses, birds etc and of course many designers have been involved in this trend too! The above image is from style.com and I thought I would find similar and just as nice clothes from high street stores for people who are like me and can not afford to buy a £255 t shirt even though it is by Mary Katrantzou *sigh*. Here are some of my finds...

1. Squirrel Print Collar Dress - £46 - Topshop
2. Animal Clips - £7.50 - Topshop 
3. Asos Cat Face Ring - £8 - Asos 
4. Bunny Animal All in One - £34 - Topshop 
5. Animal Ring Set - £7.50 - Topshop 
6. Grey Cat Sweater - £35 - Wallis 
7. Yumi Cream Owl Bow Jumper - £44.99 - New Look 
8. Yumi Black 3 Flying Duck Knitted Dress - £49.99 - New Look 
9. Water Swan Print Stud Wedges - £78 - Topshop 
10. Deer Pinafore Dress - £42 -  Topshop

(pictures all referenced underneath, none of these are my own)

Monday, 13 August 2012

The end of London 2012....

Well done team GB in the Olympics! I hadn't thought that at the beginning I would enjoy it so much, seeing it as a inconvenience being so close to Stratford rather than anything else but once it got started I was glued to the telly watching it practically 24/7. I got addicted to sports that I had never known the rules before such as the cycling in the Velodrome, Judo and Volleyball to name a few as well as a few already favourites such as Tennis, Rowing, Hockey and Swimming and that's what I loved about the whole competition. It helps to inspire people to take up sports and give young people role models to look up to. It is making me want to be involved in sport again like I used to be when I was younger. (We will see how that goes...)
Now that the Olympics is over I feel like there is a small hole left in my soul wanting to watch Andy Murray win gold again or watching people who actually deserve to be supported and followed in their sports who some also have ordinary jobs too unlike some of the footballers we pay millions to (but I won't go into that).
Although the opening and closing ceremonies were a bit slow going at times but they were worth the wait and made me feel extremely proud to be British.
I especially liked being reminded of my youth when the Spice Girls were playing (and Boris dancing away) and I was waiting to see whether they celebrated British fashion and the designers and I wasn't disappointed.
David Bowie's 'Fashion' playing as famous models such as Lily Cole, Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger and Naomi Campbell as well as others came strutting down the 'Union Jack' catwalk wearing dresses from British designers such as McQueen, Erdem, Christopher Kane, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith, Jonathan Saunders and Victoria Beckham.

Models on the catwalk at the Olympics 2012 The Evening Standard
 A photo shoot in next months Vogue shows the dresses better...

Georgia May Jagger in Victoria Beckham

Karen Elson in Burberry

Lily Cole in Erdem

Stella Tennant in Christopher Kane

Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen

Kate Moss in Alexander McQueen

David Gandy in Paul Smith and Jourdan Dunn in Jonathan Saunders and Stephen Jones

Lily Donaldson in Vivienne Westwood
(All these dress photos are from Vogue)

I also enjoyed the music although people like George Michael and Paul McCartney were a bit unnecessary and long winded. However I was happy to see my all time fav Annie Lennox making a massive production (which is what she is good at) a contribution to the legend Freddie Mercury and I liked how they combined the new and the old. Even though there is something about Jessie J that annoys me I liked how they used her with Brian May and also with Tinie Tempah and Taio Cruz, and I liked how they rocked it up too with The Who too! There's too much to remember from one night but a lot of people have said they preferred the opening ceremony but I liked both. The opening was very theatrical and showed the world our history, whereas the closing was a fun celebration of what we have achieved in Britain which is what the whole Olympics has been about. I feel it really brought back the fun and enjoyment in the Olympics which I feel has been lacking in the past Olympics (I might be biased being British but hey ho!) They both have been a bit tedious in waiting for the ceremonial stuff such as the speeches and waiting for the 200 or so countries to come in but I like the traditions otherwise it wouldn't be the Olympics!

The stage - The Sun Newspaper
Spice Girls - E
Annie Lennox - Daily Mail
Flag bearers - Daily Mail
Brian May and Jessie J - Daily Mail

Russell Brand - Daily Mail

The opening and closing ceremonies are just a small part of the Olympics and are not what it is all about but it helped to build our expectations for the brilliant competition we have had and to end it on a high.
All I can say is I can not wait for the Paralympics!

(pictures have all been reference underneath each one, none of these are my own)